Best Way to Create Adsense Account for Blogger & WordPress Step by Step 2020

Hello friends, today I am going to solve the problem How to create Adsense account in Nepal step by step. In this content, I have share live proof to create  AdSense account in Nepal. I have explained step by step in this content.

Many people are facing the best way to create Adsense account. So I am going to share live proof to create an AdSense account. Please read this content from start to end then you will able to make Adsense account in a simple way.

How to Create Adsense Account for Blogger & WordPress Step by Step 2020

If you want to create an Adsense account and want to make money from the AdSense account please make sure to read the whole content.

To apply for Adsense Account make sure to have a professional-looking website on Blogger or WordPress. After we need to post 20 or 25 posts on the website having important pages also. After that, we can apply for Adsense account after having a 25 or 30 old age domain.

After completing the above information, we are able to make or create an AdSense account.

 How to Apply for Google Adsense Account 2020

While creating Google  Adsense Account. You need to follow below step:

Step-1: We have to search on Google ” Google AdSense“. And just click the first link or click the

Step-2: After completing the 1st step, we can see this

How to Create Adsense Account for Blogger & WordPress Step by Step 2020

Step-3: We can see the right top corner Sign in and Get Started the button. Just click the  Get started button on the top right corner as shown in the below image.

How to Create Adsense Account for Blogger & WordPress Step by Step 2020

Step4: After clicking Get Started  You can show new window and there is a form of Google Adsense 

How to Create Adsense Account for Blogger & WordPress Step by Step 2020

We need to fill that form correctly. first of all,  We have to post our website Url like on Your website section shown above Image.  Dont put https:// or http:// . ok After completing that we just need to put our Gmail address so that you can handle our Adsense Account. We need to put our Gmail on Your Email Address section as shown on above image

After that, we have to select the one option from two options shown above image. We have to select Yes, send me customized help and performance suggestions if you want to get tips to grow your earning and performance then only select the first one option.

Otherwise, You can select No, don’t send me customized help and performance suggestions if you already know the tips and performance of the Google Adsense Account. It does not compulsory to sect the first one or second one. It depends on you.

After completing all section as shown as above image jut click the Save and continue button

Let’s go-ahead

Step-5: After that, we can see another page of Google Adsense Just as below shown Image.

How to Create Adsense Account for Blogger & WordPress Step by Step 2020

Now we have to also complete 2nd one form for Google Adsense Account. Select your country or Territory section.  We need to select our own country from the list of countries. After that, we need to tick the  Yes for Terms & Conditions of Google Adsense. And just click on Create Account.

Step-6: After that new section will open and just click on the Start button and then a new form again open and we just Complete that form very correctly. You can see below the

Now We have to fill the above form very carefully. In  Account Type, we need to select individual if you are creating a website for personal use only. If we are creating a website for business purposes, we have to select Business.

In Name and Address section, we need to put our own name as per citizenship. So that in the future we don’t have to face the problems. Put Your Full Name.

In Address section line 1, we need to put our exact Address of your location because Google Adsense will Send us PIn for Address Verification. So we need to put exactly the location where we live in Address Line -1. 

In Address Line 2, we have to put again Our city, Village, or Place Name in bracket we have to add Phone Number so that if pin arrives in the postal office. They directly contact you.

In City Section, We just put our own City Name or district Name. We have to put 4 digits postal code of our address. We just search on Google postal code of your city name and just copy it and paste it in the Postal code section.

After that Just put Your Mobile or Phone Number.

How to Put Full Address in Google Adsense Account in Nepal

I want to share one Image of full Address putting tips In Google Adsense Account. You can show it in the below image.

putting Google Address tios

In the above image, I have shared a full address that you can follow and put your own address, ok friends. After that just click on Submit Button.

How to Connect Website in Google Adsense Account

Step-7: After completing the above contact info we just need one more thing. We have to connect our website in Adsense. We can see the  below image

We need to complete it correctly. we have to connect our website in Google Adsense Account. We have to just click on a copy just below the code and the Codes will copy and we have to add that code in Blogger or WordPress

How to Add Ads Code on Blogger

Firstly, we have to open our blogger website and click the Theme on the left side. and click on three dots and Edit HTML and put Code like the below image.

How to Add Ads Code on Blogger


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You can just follow as an above image in which there is Google Adsense Code Paste in Blogger Just open your Admin Panel of WordPress and click on Appearance on the left side and select theme Editor.  After that, we need to select header.php on the left side. and paste code as shown in the below image. 

How to Add Ads code on WordPress

Just follow and paste the ads code as shown as an image. In this way, we can put ads code in Blogger or WordPress.

Step-8: After pasting code, we just tick I have pasted and click Done Button. After that, there will show Your Code is found, and  Click on get it.

Then our website will go on Review and we have to  wait until we get Adsense approval

These are the step we have to follow it step by step to make AdSense account.

How to Create Adsense Account for Blogger & WordPress Step by Step 2020 Video

Here you can get a full live proof video on How to create Adsense Account in Nepal. This is the full video you can watch full ok friends.

In this video, I have completely created Google Adsense account Step by step. So please make sure to watch full and if you have any questions related to how to make AdSense account. You can just comment below.


Friends I have shared step by step how to create Google Adsense Account perfectly. After reading this powerful content. I am sure you can easily create an Adsense account. If you have any question please comment below.



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